Proven Auto Products from "Down Under!"

Products That Meet Performance Expectations

There are a variety of surfaces within your car. Your exterior is subjected to heavy dirt and road grime while the interior surfaces of your car are more prone to fading and dehydration due to heavy use, wear and UV exposure. We spend more time today in our cars than ever before. The right products will leave all of your car's surfaces looking 'like new' and protect your investment.

Born in Australia!

Geoff Searl is a man who knew what horse enthusiasts were looking for. That's why he created Oakwood some 25 years ago. Geoff knew the value of caring for saddle leather, and if well looked after, it could last a lifetime. He also knew that riders wanted something that was simple to use.

The leather interior of your vehicle is made from natural material and need to be nurtured. Oakwood products are made using specialised formulations and where possible with special blends of natural Australian ingredients.

A Variety of Products

Using much the same formula as the equine products, Oakwood has designed products for use in your car. They've just added the UV protection needed for your car's interior.